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 Sustainability is a journey

Core Values

The fashion industry is a large contributor to increasing environmental damage, particularly of our oceans; and has much to answer for when it comes to taking care of people. Just how damaging the industry is, remains unknown and so it is unsurprising that current solutions are imperfect. Nevertheless we must not become complacent but strive to do better with the options available.

For this reason I choose to characterise my garments as conscious fashion; a constant striving to reduce each garment’s impact through conscious, considered improvements.

Consume Mindfully

Responsible Practices


The Conscious Collection is made from the finest eco-conscious, biodegradable fabrics; sourced for their luxurious lustre and impeccable drape.

Made to Order

Each garment is only made after an order has been placed; this means no garment goes unwanted. It also allows for greater size inclusivity.

Design and Fit

Each design has been thoughtfully conceived for a versatile fit that feels customised and which requires minimal or no alterations.


I will buy back your well cared for items you purchased from the Conscious Collection, to be repaired or remade for resale.