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Care Guide

To enjoy your new garment for as long as possible, follow these easy instructions and tips.

Only hand wash your garment when necessary in tepid water using a gentle detergent. A Sunlight soap bar is an excellent choice.

Fiona’s care notes

Fill a bath with tepid water deep enough to fully submerge your garment. Place your sunlight soap bar in the water and agitate until the water turns somewhat milky. Remove the bar and fully submerge your garment. Use the whole length of the bath to lay out your garment. Gently agitate the garment in the water. Never wring, twist or vigorously scrub the fabric. You can leave the garment to soak for up to 10 minutes, but never leave the garment unattended for long periods of time. Drain the bath, and fill again with clean tepid water, agitate the garment until it is completely rinsed. Drain the bath. Now lay your garment out on a large bath sheet, and carefully roll the bath sheet length wise around the garment. When rolled up you can add pressure to gently press the water out. Hang your garment out to dry naturally. Use a plastic coat hanger (never use pegs). Do not tumble dry. When dry you can either steam the garment or press it from the wrong side on a medium, dry heat setting using a damp pressing cloth.

How to remove stains

Never use any bleach or harsh stain removers to get rid of stains. Using a Sunlight soap bar, or similar, you can spot clean the stain by gently dabbing it with a clean damp cloth. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing as this might damage the fabric.

Spot clean all stains before fully submerging and washing the entire garment.