Wedding dresses

From the inns of sleepy Stanford to the luxurious wine estates of Stellenbosch and Franschoek, Cape Town must be the most beautiful and perfect setting for your wedding. Steeped in tradition and a celebratory spirit, your wedding day is an opportunity to be spoiled. The months spent planning your wedding day, so it is perfect in every way and remembered for a lifetime, should be complimented by a timeless dress that stands apart from fashion. So why not indulge yourself with a couture wedding dress or something special from my collection.

My bridal gowns are fresh and contemporary improvisations on traditional wedding dress designs, and project an air of femininity and sophistication.

Of all the wedding dresses in Cape Town…
Whether you choose a dress from my collection or commission a bespoke wedding dress you can be certain that of all the wedding dresses in Cape Town yours will be the most special and perfect dress for you. Together, we will bring your vision to life.

From my intimate studio in Cape Town I create wedding dresses and wedding gowns that are unique to every bride. Using fine, luxurious fabrics and intricate handwork, each wedding dress is created with a commitment to quality craftsmanship and perfect fit.