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Choose a wedding dress designed and ethically crafted from sustainable fabrics. As an advocate for slow fashion each piece is made to order with care and purpose for a life beyond that one special day.

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Heirloom Shawl

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Join me in building a circular fashion future through my BuyBack scheme. It is my hope that each garment purchased here is worn, cared for and circulated responsibly in society for as long as possible.

When you buy your wedding dress from Fiona Mauchan Studio’s Conscious Collection you are eligible to sell your well cared for garment back to me where it will be reconditioned or remade for resale.

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My Instagram page is an extended portfolio of my current and past work. Here you will find images of my collection pieces and ready-to-wear pieces as they come available. From time to time I may share some behind-the-scenes imagery and special interest posts.

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